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DIONVOX was formed in the Hollywood Hills during a Wu Tang Clan Killa Beez recording session with producer Scobra. Nurtured for 2 years by legendary music manager Leila Steinberg (2pac, Earl Sweatshirt) via her “Microphone Sessions” weekly workshop, Steinberg drilled the band mercilessly, insuring an eternal commitment to the underground.
Currently based in Las Vegas, DIONVOX  concerns itself with creating unique tracks and putting on the best live show possible, on every continent.  
The winner of 5 national music competitions including (Heineken/Reverbnation 2010, Windows7/Reverbnation 2010, Ten legs NYC 2011, Spin/Popchips National       Competition 2012, Glam Future Icon 2013, and International Music Fest 2014                (IMF), DIONVOX continues to refine its presentation on a daily basis.
                                                Their motto is “No Fear And No Regret”


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